What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About The Shenandoah Incident and Trial

Many are absolutely appalled by the facts that have surfaced in the so-called Shenandoah Racist Attack and Murder Trial. (If not already seen on television or in newspapers, go online and look for “Shenandoah Murder”.) With all due respect to the deceased and his family, Luis Ramirez was not quite the innocent victim that the masters of deception in the media have painted him to be. It was Ramirez, the statutory rapist, who actually started the altercation both verbally and physically! (This, in and of itself, debunks all the fabricated nonsense that this was a racially motivated incident. Please read “Important Note” below for verification of the facts presented herein.)

Based on the bias (in his favor) Court testimony of his “girlfriend”, the 15 year-old Roxanne Rector, it was Ramirez who first provokingly yelled at the defendants, and then took his shirt off like a wise guy and wanted to fight. She also stated, “I’m not sure who started the fight”. It has further been established that Ramirez had time to CALL HIS FRIENDS to help him fight the defendants, and also REFERRED TO A GUN during his cell phone conversations! (A 9MM gun was indeed found by the police about a block away from the crime scene.) Additionally, while engaging in the altercation, WHERE RAMIREZ THREW THE FIRST PUNCH, his friend Victor Garcia shows up and gets involved in the brawl, and punches witness Colin Walsh in the head. (This was attested to by Garcia’s wife Arielle.) The fight then breaks up, and the defendants all WALK AWAY (at this point no one seriously injured), yet it is, yes again, Ramirez who is the aggressor, RESTARTING THE FIGHT! He attacks witness Brian Scully from behind, punching him 5 to 10 times in his head. The brawl again resumes, and at this point Colin Walsh lands a punch to Ramirez’s face, and he falls down and hits his head on the ground. This is followed by what appears to be a kick to the head by Brian Scully, undoubtedly done in retaliation for Ramirez’s punching him in the back of his head several times. The altercation ends, but subsequently another friend of Ramirez’s, Diego Alvarez, appears on the scene and threatens the defendants with a 45 automatic looking BB gun. (There is testimony that at least FOUR friends of Ramirez were there that night.) Finally, it was THE DEFENDANT, Derrick Donchak WHO CALLED THE POLICE, and shortly thereafter an ambulance arrives and Ramirez is transported to the hospital where he dies TWO DAYS LATER. (Was there any hospital error that actually caused his death? And, please note that it is reported that medial lab results show a certain drug-alcohol combination found in his blood, which is known to induce violent, aggressive behavior.)

So, here we have Luis Ramirez, WHO WAS IN HIS MID TWENTIES, having an abominable, incestuous relationship with the molested, 15 year-old Roxanne and her sister, Crystal Dillman. He already has TWO CHILDREN WITH THE THEN PREGNANT Crystal, undoubtedly supported by welfare, and was supposedly engaged to BOTH SISTERS! (It must be noted that this detestable relationship was known to many in Shenandoah, and that he was probably molesting Roxanne since at least the age of 14. Most of those involved in the incident knew one another; even Arielle Garcia testified she “knew Walsh and Scully by name prior to the fight”. THE PARENTS OF THE SISTERS HAD REPORTED THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF THEIR MINOR DAUGHTER TO THE POLICE. These parents were personally spoken with months ago, and this was learned directly from them.) On that night of July 12, 2008, Brian Scully saw Roxanne Rector out late (about 11:30 PM) and said to her that it was past her bedtime. (Brian knew Roxanne from school.) Roxanne tells her “boyfriend” about it, and although it was an innocuous comment, the intoxicated, guilty child molester is “strangely” agitated. Not being content with his unjustified verbal response, he calls his gun-touting friends to come and join him to attack teenage boys; and then proceeds to do so! (Please note that Roxanne testified that: “they could have walked away” and there wouldn’t have been ANY fight, BUT THEY DIDN’T. She also asked RAMIREZ to stop fighting, but HE would not.) AND THIS; THIS LOUIS EDUARDO RAMIREZ ZAVALA (WHO WAS ALSO A REPUTED DRUG DEALER), IS THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, INNOCENT VICTIM POSTER BOY FOR THE LEFTIST, TROUBLEMAKING MEDIA?!? ARE WE KIDDING???

Read the accounts of this incident in any randomly selected newspaper; or review how portrayed by television news, or on the “spin-off”, distorted version on “Law and Order”, aired by NBC during the trial; or just go to the pathetic Associated Press coverage at their website. You’ll see the same repetitive, brainwashing bull dung that Ramirez was a noble individual who never harmed anyone, but came to this country illegally just to find work, and was the innocent victim of a racially/ethnically motivated, 5 against 1 attack. THE FACTS ARE FAR FROM THIS OPPROBRIOUS, DELIBERATELY SPUN, MEDIA FAIRY TALE! And yet, in spite of what has been factually established in this matter, (many facts were evident from last year, in which our “brilliant” investigative reporters in the media could have easily gleaned when the incident first happened) they are ever hell-bent on perpetuating their innocent victim myth, ethnic attack nonsense; and in attempting to create racial tensions and conflicts. Notice too, the repetitive emphasis on the “all-white” jury; a thinly veiled message to “minorities” that if the defendants are not convicted it’s all because of white racism. (Considering the facts in this case, if the defendants were actually convicted, especially of the more serious charges, in reality it would be due to the anti-white, anti-Christian racists who control the media, and their left-wing counterparts, that exerted undue pressure on the prosecution and Court. It is troubling that the jury was instructed by Judge William Baldwin not to consider Ramirez’s criminal relationship with the two sisters as an indicator of character or for any other purpose than determining if her testimony may be biased in his favor. This, in and of itself, could have been overwhelming grounds for a mistrial, since such testimony obviously establishes motivation as to why Ramirez set out to attack the defendants, and for the inordinate reaction to the “out late” comment.)

Beyond a doubt, what we heard and saw about this case was grossly tainted by social-political agenda, and was not really “news” at all, since it bears little semblance to the truth. In every account of the matter there is focus on so-called racial slurs, falsely making it appear that the incident was racially or ethnically motivated. It must be remembered that in the course of an emotionally charged argument or fight, especially when people are intoxicated, stupid things are said, and sometimes even involuntary words come out. People who are heavy are called “fat pigs”; women are often called “whores”; and guys “fagots”, although the cause of the altercation had nothing to do with such matters. (Interestingly enough, there is every indication here to conclude that the teens were first slurred by Ramirez. When angrily addressing them in Spanish before the fight broke out, prosecution witness, Joshua Redmond stated that he thought Ramirez was taunting them.)

It is deplorable that Mexicans and other “Hispanics”, many who are decent, hard working people who take good care of their properties and get along well with their neighbors, have been terribly played by the leftist media for their own malicious purposes. (“Hispanic” is a term created/obsessively employed by the left to isolate and manipulate people of Spanish origins. It has no real racial value, since those who are categorized as such can be white, black, or anything in between.) The political left, aided and abetted by their media brethren, has all but succeeded in destroying this country, its economy and great institutions; and in ushering in communism/socialism, their favorite system to destroy Christianity.

A book written back in the 1980’s, “Mama-Media”, details similar media deception and group troublemaking that occurred in the “Howard Beach Incident”. In that case it was African-Americans who were cruelly targeted for psychological manipulation to hate and wrongly blame a particular European extracted ethnic group. Nothing has changed. The leftist media has been working overtime to gain appalling control over the minds of Hispanics, as they have been doing for decades to blacks. But, the media’s vicious activism, blatant distortion of facts, and malignant race baiting in this Shenandoah matter has to be the worse ever observed.

It is the media that should now be charged and convicted for egregious violation of the civil rights of the defendants and their families (not to mention whites in general); the wholesale maligning and defamation of them, the placing of them in jeopardy for physical abuse and even murder, and in attempting to interfere with having a fair trial. There should be serious legal investigations into withholding and omitting pertinent information in matters such as this, with the deliberate, criminal intent to incite riot, lawlessness, hatred, and even murder of certain individuals or targeted groups; and to divide and destroy this country. How on earth do these left wing, anti-American institutions remain licensed??? What a gross perversion of freedom of speech! We all are told that our right of free speech does not permit us to go into a building that is not burning and yell “fire”, “fire”. But, in a very real sense this is exactly what the media is doing. While media elitists reside in their gated, ethnically-isolated communities, they go into ethnically mixed areas and yell “racism”, “racism”. The response elicited to react emotionally in hatred and violence against the so-called racists, is the same panic and visceral response engendered by screaming “fire, “fire”, and causing people to trample to death one another for their own interests in preserving their lives.

The American people must unite together: Black, White, Hispanic, Etc., and demand and effectuate the dismantling of leftist media monopolies. This is absolutely essential to ensure liberty, justice, and equal and fair representation for all. “WE THE PEOPLE” are of various ethnic, racial, religious, and political backgrounds, and this must be reflected in the ownership and control of the American media.

Important Note:

The above facts and witnesses’ quotations were obtained from printed articles that appeared in the Republican Herald, Schuylkill County’s largest newspaper, between April 28, and May 1, 2009. (Shenandoah is located in Schuylkill County. This paper is regarded as having the most extensive coverage of the incident and trial.) Of course, audio review or transcripts of the trial are available to the public, facilitating verification by anyone.

In the Republican Herald, April 28, 2009 edition (reported from the first day of the trial) we read on page 6, columns 2 and 3: “Roxanne Rector, 15, said she had a sexual relationship with [Luis] Ramirez and that he had given her an engagement ring. She is the half sister of Crystal Dillman, Shenandoah, who has said she was Ramirez’s fiancée.” “She said she was on her way back to Ramirez’s apartment when one of the boys—she did not know which one—saw her and said it was past her bedtime. She testified she told Ramirez about the comment and HE RESPONDED.” “However, she also testified she and Ramirez could have walked away”. (Emphasis supplied. Notice that this is a far cry from the false media image of racist teens yelling racial slurs and rushing to randomly attack an illegal Mexican immigrant who just happened to be walking down the street. Clearly, what initiated the altercation was a verbal exchange that had absolutely nothing to do with race or ethnicity.)

Let’s read on. Reporting from the same first day of the trial we find, page 6, col. 1: “Rector asked Ramirez to stop fighting, but he would not”, as testified to by prosecution witness, Joseph Lawson. (Emphasis added.) And very importantly, we are told: “that Ramirez threw the first punch in the incident”, by yet another prosecutorial witness, Joshua Redmond. (Republican Herald, April 30, 2009, page 7; col. 4; supplied emphasis.)

Additionally flying in the face of the media fabrication that he was rushed upon and then beaten to death, we learn that: “A 9MM gun was found about a block away from the crime scene. [Frederick] Fanelli [defendant, Brandon Piekarsky’s attorney] said Ramirez was heard to refer to a gun while speaking on a cell phone before the fight broke out.” (Ibid. April 28, 2009, page 6, col. 4; emphasis supplied.) How on earth was he able to make phone calls and have conversations with his friends if he was supposedly rushed upon and beaten unconscious??? (Actually he made several callsthat evening as evidenced by his retrieved cell phone and further Court testimony: “[Diego] Tovar [Ramirez’s friend] did not deny bringing the gun that night after Ramirez called him”. Republican Herald, May 1, 2009, page 6, col. 5; emphasis added.) And as far as Ramirez calling another friend that night, Victor Garcia, and the fact that it was Ramirez who also restarted the fight that ended in his own death, we read: “A friend of Ramirez, Garcia said Ramirez called him to say he was in an altercation.” (Ibid., April 29, 2009, page 7, col. 4) “The Garcias arrived and the fight broke up, but the boys got away from Victor Garcia and the brawl resumed, Rector said.” (Republican Herald, April 28, page 6, col. 3; quotation from Roxanne Rector; emphasis added. Just what did Garcia do that the boys had to get away from him? Did he actually provoke further fighting? Why didn’t the Garcias or Tovar call the police; and why not Ramirez, who had time to call everyone else??? Why bring guns to the scene? Obviously, they were expecting to have a gang fight and harm the teens. Read on.) And then the: “Fighting resumed WHEN RAMIREZ HIT [BRIAN] SCULLY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A RUNNING PUNCH.” (Republican Herald, April 30, 2009, page 6, col.6; emphasis added; quotation from prosecution’s witness, Joshua Redmond. He was actually punched “several times”. Ibid., April 29, 2009, page 7, col. 4. And most importantly, it is reported that Ramirez actually restarted the fight twice. Once before Garcia arrived, and once after!) Subsequently: “I saw Victor punch [Colin] Walsh.” “Walsh stumbled backward after Victor’s punch.” (Ibid., April 30, 2009, page 6, col. 1 and 2; quotations from Victor’s wife, Arielle Garcia.) It was also established that after Garcia punched Colin Walsh, Walsh hit Ramirez; the punch that knocked him to the ground, where he hit his head. Here’s the full quotation: “Walsh stumbled backward after Victor’s punch, and Ramirez fell ‘pretty quick’ after that”. (Ibid., col. 2; emphasis supplied.) It was Walsh who landed the solid punch that apparently knocked out the intoxicated Ramirez: “Walsh said he landed a forceful punch in the brawl. “The punch sent Ramirez to the ground…” (Ibid, April 29, 2009, page 7, col. 1) And, as indicated above, it was followed by what apparently was a kick in the head by Brian Scully, because of Ramirez’s punches to hishead. (“If there was a kick, Scully delivered it, Fanelli said.” Republican Herald, April 28, 2009, front page, col. 3; “I interviewed Arielle Garcia on scene, and she identified Scully as the kicker…” (Testimony of Police Officer, Robert Senape, Republican Herald, May 1, 2009, page 6, col. 1; “On scene , I saw Officer Hays interview Arielle Garcia, and she identified Scully as the kicker.” (Officer Michele Ashman; Ibid.)

So, there you have it: The facts versus the media fabrication. It should especially be noted that there is no pleasure whatsoever in having to disclose the character and behavior of Luis Ramirez. The entire incident involves the tragic destruction and ruin of multiple lives. The focus of this article is on those in the media who have shown themselves to be among the most morally abandoned exploiters and troublemakers on the planet. What was written was absolutely necessary in order to expose the virulent lies and distortions perpetrated by the mainstream media on the masses. And, please do not think for a moment that the Republican Herald offered these facts on a silver platter. With the exception of one of the final quotations transcribed above, all the others were buried inside the paper; appallingly chopped up; and out of chronological order. This paper has sadly followed the lead of major media, and is continuing the baleful work of fomenting group hatred and conflict.

If cases like this do not open the eyes of decent, fair-minded people across our nation, and even the world; and motivate us to remonstrate, call for, and effectuate the dismantling of these destructive, activist media forces, then may God help us to endure what our indifference and inaction will inevitably bring upon us.

Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved


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8 Responses to “What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About The Shenandoah Incident and Trial”

  1. Shari Says:

    Just wanted to say, I can see that you have done a lot of research for this article.

  2. PS Says:

    Excellent job Joe. We need to find a legal way to hold these liberal hate mongers liable for their distortions of the truth. Enough is enough. I’ve been to Shenandoah many times and the people of Shenandoah are good and decent, hard working folks. This slander must stop

  3. JC Says:

    It’s about time somebody put the truth out here. Thanks for your hard work, honesty and courage in posting this. God bless you.

  4. Joe from PA Says:

    PS and JC: Your kind remarks, blessing, and encouragement is deeply appreciated. THANK YOU for your interest and sentiments in this matter.

    We should all be convinced that unless we eradicate the root of the problem: AN OUT OF CONTROL MEDIA, that is all but, brainwashing the masses, we will never resolve our social problems, and will continue to be plunged into self-destruction as a nation.

    Let us work together; get the facts out; and then peacefully protest and demonstrate. But, above everything else, let our remonstrations be aimed at major media. If organized properly, we can make a significant difference.

  5. Christopher Says:

    To Joe the writer & readers,
    My name is Chris. I can give many examples of hate crimes from personal experience. I am not a leftist, right-wing, commy, racist, although I’ve been called these names and many more. I am a 27 year old from Pa who has been traveling the states to see the state we are in and bring change and rally people. I have not done so yet, because I choose to speak slow and look first, then evaluate and speak from my heart, as many of our assassinated leaders have done. I do not fear anyone who finds me, only for my family’s sake and loved friends do I wish to keep somewhat anonymous.

    What I consider myself is an individual,as you all do; a newer age of the old militia, which one day may come about again with the way our streets are, in smaller cities to the metropolises.

    First off, as a writer, to get a good look at things, and as a humanitarian, I go straight for the sources too. That is why I’ve never cliqued with one group of people.

    Raised as a born-again Christian, but seeing many other cultures and their lifestyles from my youth, I had been taught to turn the other cheek and love my neighbors. I must admit having been struck and beaten is no easy task to not strike back or verbally sling mud. But I still remain a genuine pacifist. Although anger and hate and temptation reside in me, as everyone.

    Forgive me for the rambling from the particular subject. I agree with Joe. I am out researching and dissecting this thing, racking my brains; this axis we are all rotating on. Trying to see the world and country as it is, from everyone’s perspectives in the actual crossfire, even if it means my life, poverty while traveling broke and whatever comes in my path.

    I feel the only thing that’s protected me is God; if I can say that? Sorry, Im not a saint, but it seems you can’t say that anymore. I feel God has kept me alive from my own personal trials of people like this from all different races and creeds and lives.

    My life is meant to be a sacrifice, as all of ours should be. We will never know peace and oneness, sad to say, until a natural catastrophe or God’s hand cleanses this earth.

    I met some native chiefs, and one named Uqualla said. Speak from your heart sive. That is your pure medicine. If you want to see the way we walk, look outside our ceremonies and at our lives.

    Last month I was meditating in a square in las vegas. I didnt protest with signs or violence. I drink yes. I said before, I am not a holy man. But as some aquaintances of mine got into a gang fight with some blacks vs. punks and white hip-hoppers, I knelt and wanted to cry out for peace. People, thousands walking by or gawking, laughed at me and the spectacle of brawling. “You’re no holy man!” I BOWED MY HEAD AND PRAYED FOR PEACE. I WEPT AT THE NONCHALANT ATTITUDES OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    I was thrown out of the casinos for getting a drink and having a 80 lb back pack with a fishing rod and axe and hatchet and tent on me. People scoffed.

    Another time, I lived in shenandoah where this occurred. And I agree, this was not all white wrongdoing. It was both sides. But I meet racists all over. Yet I approach gently to not offend and try to convert to a better belief system. I know alcohol and drugs make violence more common during disputes, but Ive seen it sober and with other sober minds too. Just pure hate. Whether you want to blame the kids or adults for their upbringing or video games, tv and movies, or just plain human instinct.

    Anyhow, I never reported things that were done to me. I take more heart to someone else being inflicted with pain than myself. A white young man obviously with water on the brain had been beaten by a few white guys outside of the lyric 4 years ago. I took my shirt off and wrapped it around his head. I ran after the vehicle who sped off, but it was to no avail.

    Another incident in Hazleton, Pa, 2004. A owners son bartending gets cocky with a customer, slurring him by his weight. The man sits there, ready to cry. I defended him by telling the owners son, have some respect for your elders. Of course he dumps a beer over my head, kicks me in the eye, after hopping over the bar, and call the cops for help. They arrest me, I get incarcerated, and go with no food or water for 2 days straight. I was jailed for 30 days in the county. I also was told to submit 834 dollars, guilty or not guilty, by Zola.

    Let me remind you, for all I’ve encountered, I still feel hope for change and love over evil. If we had no variety, how dull and grey a world this would be. How many species of flowers and plants and lifeforms. All we are destroying. Im sorry for getting off track, but I thought i’d let you all know, not out of loking for pity, but from a real person whose been there out of the frying pan and into the fire and back and alive, still with hope for peace.

    Any feedback would be nice. Tan-que-a ai-ish-a to all my friends and relations (lakota tongue) as they speak before entering the sweat. Look deep within peoples of all backgrounds, Im sure we can find a common thread tying us together as it was intended.

  6. Marissa Says:

    “Liberal hate-mongers” is, in and of itself, hate disguised as wisdom and so I find it amusing. Neither side had it right. This country is full of retards on both sides who can’t think for themselves. The “out of control media” was coined by rush limbaugh.

    The fact that everyone just latches on to whatever their favorite pundit says demonstrates there is no true free speech without true thought, which none of you seem to have.

    We are doomed to go much the same way as Rome and other great empires that fell. Each of them fell because people didn’t care about anything as long as they had their material possessions. Thinking was not on the agenda much as it is not in this country for either party.

    And how can you be for free speech if you try to shut up the media? If you picket Letterman for a joke about Sara Palin? It’s the political right who are doing these and yet they claim to be for free speech? Only if it’s for their own and nobody else’s.

    The age of reason is dead.

    • Joe from PA Says:


      Unfortunately, you are confusing righteous indignation with “hate”. There is a world of difference between a REACTIONARY, one who is properly responding to the hatred and violence that they’re the target of, and the social-misfit ANTAGONIST, who is always causing the problems in the first place.

      PS is correct in referring to devious, troublemaking media elitists for what they are: “liberal hate-mongers”. The sanctimonious leadership of the left has repeatedly manifested hatred and malice for people of European, Christian background, although living, protected, and prospering in a country established by such peoples. This is an outrage! Just as the POLITICAL BIAS of Hollywood and the mainstream media had to be exposed by well documented research and analysis, it is now imperative that their ETHNIC-RELIGIOUS BIAS is also exposed. Many are absolutely fed up with the lefts’ race-baiting, troublemaking, and obsession with racial issues. We are sick of seeing the media intimately involved in any incident that even hints of racial injustice, AS LONG AS THEY CAN PERVERT THE FACTS IN THE MATTER AND MAKE THE EUROPEAN, CHRISTIAN LOOK LIKE THE VILLIAN. In opposite cases where “minorities” have indeed perpetrated a bona fide racist attack against those of Euro-Christian background (as in Jena, Louisiana; the “Jena-Six” incident) there is no “outcry” from the media against such blatant racism; and on the contrary, even appalling, subtle justification and encouragement. Indeed, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      Marissa, please be careful not to make, yes, hateful, offensive assumptions regarding “retards” who “latch on to what their favorite pundit says”. I personally never heard Mr. Limbaugh referring to the “out of control media”; seldom having the opportunity to listen to him. I have many years ago written: “There can be little doubt that the media has gotten out of hand; is all but a government in itself, playing cop, judge, and executioner; and that this abusive power structure must be broken up.” This brings us to the real focus of my article, and to your comments regarding free speech.

      It is sad that you made another unwarranted assumption in reference to political affiliation. Not everyone who despises the odious policies of the left is automatically “the political right”. There are many of us who really don’t favor either major party. Likewise, there are many, yes, free-thinkers who understand that we cannot have true freedom of speech when our media is monopolized by any one particular ethnic, religious, or poltical group, AS IT NOW IS. The media constantly tells us about diversity in our society. Where, oh where is the diversity in the ownership and control of mass-media?!? Do your homework; IT DOESN’T EXIST! And, rather than “trying to shut up the media”, the mainstream, LEFTIST media is already a closed club which repeatedly censors information (and even entertainment) that is inimical or contrary to their social-political agenda, or portrays their own ethnic-religious sons and daughters in the slightest negative way. (While constantly portraying others in the most revolting, derogatory, hate-inspiring manner.)

      Through questionable ownership, circulation, and broadcasting arrangements, the FCC has wrongly allowed a small number of individuals, corporations, and conglomerates to own several amounts and differing types of media. Not only should such business monopolization be prohibited, but so should ethnic-religious group domination. Both are detrimental to free speech. Especially is the latter inevitably unfair and disastrous to the peace and prosperity of a multi-ethnic/religious society; AND WHEN ONE GROUP HAVING SOME PERVERTED AX TO GRIND, IS IN CONTROL. Dismantling these bigoted, abusive monopolies will certainly emancipate free speech, NOT STIFLE IT!

  7. Vic from CO Says:

    In total agreeance with Joe’s article and comments, I find the most interesting part of this conversation to be the rather apparant brain-washing of many Americans, which has most obviously occured as a result of the leftist media’s stronghold and fine manipulation…we even have “Marissa” defending, at any cost, the volitile desructiveness on behalf of the media…a prime example of what this great country is becoming, a society of robots that are being aggressively programmed accordingly. How sad.

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